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Lygia Pimentel
We are Agrifatto

About us

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Agrifatto Analytics was conceived from the will of the people involved in bringing together a unique team, experienced, talented, dynamic, innovative and, above all, passioned about the markets.

We are a company focused on market intelligence applied to the analysis and the actual ability to make practical decisions in running your business.

The main goal of Agrifatto is to help its costumers simplifying and making available risk management processes without putting aside the essence of the financial market. In other words, we develop market analysis and make it clear enough so that the clients can insert it in their business.

We use information to make decisions, we are not affraid to say our minds and opinion. 

Our motto is attitude!

Lygia Pimentel was born in Bebedouro, SP.


She is a daughter and a granddaughter of farmers who are dedicated to producing livestock and crops. She is a graduated veterinary. Since 2007 she works as a market consultant for the beef cattle and other commodities' market. Her main job consists in planning, implementing and developing risk analysis for ranchers and companies of the agricultural chain.


She is co-author of 4 books; has published over five hundred articles on economics, beef cattle, agriculture and protein market, and gave hundreds of lectures in conferences and events focused on the agricultural domestic and international commodities sector.


She regularly gives interviews to various communication channels .


She is a partner and director of Agrifatto.

Founded in 2011, Agrifatto Analytics acts independently and intends to support the entire productive chain by developing studies, providing education and accurate, fresh, relyfull and strategic information.


Our services are focused on market consulting and to provide them we count on an extensive and complete database. Thus, we offer a portfolio of key products for business decision making with broad-based study.



Our team is made by people experienced in agricultural sciences, business, economics and finance.



Our mission is to help the productive chain to achieve good production levels and efficiency without losing sight of the market and always considering the personal profile of each customer.


We focus on bringing knowledge and updated information to improve freedom of choice of those who honor us with their trust.


We use our information to make decisions and we are not afraid to express our opinions. We measure our performance through customer satisfaction, addition of value to your business, adapting to the profile of each client through sustainable and profitable growth.


We are part of the team that helps to produce cheap quality food for millions of people in the most efficient and productive way. 


All within the standards of ethics and sustainability. We strongly support the good production practices.


We follow strict principles of transparency towards the market and our customers. This includes not only compliance with laws but also the assurance that business transactions are conducted in a fair environment and mutual benefit .


Our information is absolutely committed to the independence, impartiality and truth. Our dedication is equal among all customers.


"Our character is the result of our actions"
Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics

Ethical principles